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New Trailer For Pompeii Starring Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington
It's kinda going for the same thing and definitely the same target audience, but the new trailer for Pompeii just really can't measure up. Kit Harington wears that long-suffering Jon Snow face here as Milo, a slave who's determined to buy his freedom and marry his dream girl (Emily Browning), who's also a royal and definitely[...]
Small Press Favorite Picture Box, Inc. Announces Closure
This year, the Ignatz Award nominated Pompeii by Frank Santoro was the talk of Small Press Expo, and the books that have been released in 2013 like World Map Room, bringing the work of Yuichi Yokoyama over from Japan and School Spirits by Anya Davidson, celebrating an underground commix vibe, suggested momentum rather than depletion in[...]
Glorious SPX—Dash Shaw and Frank Santoro Say Comics Are A Pop Culture Collage
It's a constant process of "cleansing things and looking at things I drew a long time ago" for Shaw. Santoro's book Pompeii, draws on autobiographical experiences working as a painter's assistant in New York, but is a historical piece, the story of Marcus in 79 AD, working as an artists assistant to the painter Flavius in[...]
First Trailer For Paul W.S. Anderson's Pompeii
This trailer for Pompeii doesn't really get going until the last 30 seconds but the last half minute is certainly stuffed. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWDVBQkBBoE[/youtube] Paul W.S Anderson often gets a lot of flak for his CGI-filled action films but they are not without their merits I think that Anderson plays to his strengths and this latest film seems to[...]
Why Does Nobody Care About Emily Browning Casting News?
Anderson's next film, Pompeii at my other gig Even The Toronto Star originally only mentioned this bit of news in passing as part of a larger article about the film's production, and to my recollection no other outlets have cared to pick it up. In any case, Browning has been cast as the dream girl of a[...]