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Man Who Writes 8-Dollar X-Men Comics Laughs About How Affordable They Used to Be
For the price of one of the lowest-priced Marvel Comics today, young Hickman could have picked up twelve issues of a comic, and if we're being perfectly honest, they'd have contained a lot more actual content due to a lack of modern decompression. Hickman's trip down memory lane coincides with some charts we recently put together,[...]
$19.99 – A New Price Point For Marvel Trade Paperpacks?
Could this be a new standard price point for a standard Marvel series trade paperback of a certain size? THOR GOD OF THUNDER TP VOL 03 ACCURSED will now be $19.99, not the previously solicited $16.99. ULT COMICS SPIDER-MAN BY BENDIS TP VOL 05 will be $19.99, not the previously solicited $17.99. AVENGERS TP VOL 04 INFINITY will[...]