Project Resistance

"Resident Evil: Resistance" Reveals Two Masterminds & Two Maps

Capcom has revealed new details on Resident Evil: Resistance, as we now know two more masterminds as well as a couple more maps to play on. Along with the fact that they've moved on from calling it a Project as it is now just a Resident Evil title. Joining the guild of evil people behind […]

"Resident Evil 3" Officially Announced For April 2020 with "Project Resistance" Pack-In

"Resident Evil 3" Officially Announced For April 2020 with "Project Resistance" Pack-In

Remember the multiplayer-centric Project Resistance? Looks like that's actually going to come with Resident Evil 3, after all It won't be a standalone purchase, at least that's how things appear. bombshells were quite welcome by the end of the State of Play presentation And the game itself looks absolutely fantastic[...]

"Project: Resistance" Is Most Fun I've Ever Had With An ASymmetrical Multiplayer game

"Project Resistance" Is Most Fun I've Ever Had With An Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game

To follow-up that specular outing, Capcom is releasing Project Resistance, an a-symmetrical survival game It might not be the direction fans expected the series to go in, but it's certainly a blast.Project Resistance's main draw is four-versus-one multiplayer gameplay One side plays as four survivors attempting to escape from a lab, while the opposing "team"[...]

A New Familiar Character Leaked For "Project Resistance" Due To A Bug

Some new information on Project Resistance found its way online as a familiar character was leaked due to a bug in the game Right now, Capcom is allowing certain players to try out a closed beta of the game as they experiment with the lobbies and other mechanics While the beta doesn't have a ton[...]

Capcom Releases Gameplay Footage Of A "Project Resistance" Match

For those who may be wondering what an actual match of Project Resistance might look like before the demo, Capcom strangely has you covered The company released a ten-minute video this week showing off a complete match from the perspective of the four young adults trying to survive The footage, as you'll see below, was[...]

Capcom Producer Responds To "Project Resistance" Critics

Occasionally you hear feedback from game developers about critics before a game has even hit the shelves, as is the case with Project Resistance The biggest complaint circulating on social media following the Tokyo Game Show reveal is that people are apparently pissed off at the idea that Capcom are making a Resident Evil game[...]

Capcom Reveals More Of "Project Resistance" During Tokyo Game Show

During the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2019, Capcom did a full reveal and presentation for their upcoming Resident Evil spinoff, Project Resistance The game is being developed by NeoBards Entertainment, who are using the RE Engine to create the game This is the same one recently used to create the latest version of[...]

Capcom Will Bring "Project Resistance" To Tokyo Game Show 2019

Capcom Releases A New Teases Trailer For "Project Resistance"

Prior to heading to Tokyo Game Show 2019, Capcom has released a new trailer for their new Resident Evil game, Project Resistance The trailer, which you can check out below, shows four people making their way through an Umbrella Corporation facility as they try to escape Stoping them is an unseen individual who releases the[...]

Capcom Will Bring "Project Resistance" To Tokyo Game Show 2019

Capcom Will Bring "Project Resistance" To Tokyo Game Show 2019

Capcom revealed this week that their next Resident Evil game, Project Resistance, will be making its official debut at Tokyo Game Show 2019 While there have been some leaks from people who have played the closed demo in Japan, details of the game are kind of spotty as they haven't revealed the full game yet[...]