Hideo Kojima Is Done With Making Horror Games Because He Gets Scared Easily

Hideo Kojima pretty much knocked it out the park with PT While meant to be a teaser for Silent Hills, which is sadly never coming, many do claim that game to be the scariest of all time At the very least, most would argue that the game was a brilliantly executed gameplay idea.However, don't expect[...]

Guillermo Del Toro Takes Shot At Konami Again By Way Of 'Lying Sean Spicer' Meme

PT was never created Period" — Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) January 22, 2017I hope one day we really do get all the facts about what happened behind the scenes on that game I'm sure it is a fascinating story.Watching the birth of a 'lying Sean Spicer' meme in real time has been very cathartic[...]

P.T. Refuses To Get Made As Game Inspired By The Title Is Cancelled

It was looking pretty great to boot.Sadly, it seems like the concept for this game is somewhat cursed Rather suddenly, developer Lilith LTD have announced the game has been cancelled, and no explaination has been given yet Here is the tweet.Hi all Sadly Allison Road had to be cancelled Statement to come in the next[...]

Updated: Insane Report Says Microsoft Are Buying Silent Hills To Save It

Look, I'm going to start this story by saying that I don't believe any of it. But, it's being picked up by a lot of outlets and it's a fun bit of speculation, so let's roll with it for now. RoosterTeeth are claiming to have received reports from a source that Microsoft are going to […]

Report: Del Toro Says Silent Hills Is Not Happening And It Breaks His Heart

We learnt today that the Silent Hills teaser, PT is being pulled from the PlayStation Network That put the already dodgy future of the game into question even further It seems that the death knell might have now, finally, rung.According to Twitter user Matt Hackney (via NeoGAF), he was at the San Francisco Film Fest where[...]

PT Is Getting Pulled From PlayStation Network

One of the best things the publisher has done in a while, PT, is being pulled from the PlayStation Network The Silent Hills teaser that was being made in conjunction with Guillermo Del Toro and Kojima has been on shaky ground since the former had his falling out with the company This probably isn't a[...]