Radical - Why the Nineties Was Actually The Best Decade For Comics

Radical – Why the Nineties Was Actually The Best Decade For Comics

 Louis Adcock works for Piranha Comics in both Kingston and Bromley in South London. And he has things to say; It's no news that the vast majority of comic book readers view the 90s as the worst decade in the history of the medium. With its excesses, terrible costume designs and recycled cynical events written […]

Radical Publishing Drops Out Of Free Comic Book Day

With Free Comic Book Day several weeks away, now it's time to find out… the books you won't be getting. We already know that, after a cease-and-desist and the compliance of Antarctic Press, it's doubtful you'll get betting the Free Comic Book Day version of Diary Of A Zombie Kid. However the book is still […]

Friday Runaround – Erik Larsen Says Something

DoctorWatch: Josh Adams draws the Doctor. JargonWatch: enVista®, a leading enterprise and supply chain consulting services firm, is partnering with client Diamond Comic, the largest world's largest distributor of English-language comics, graphic novels, and related pop-culture merchandise, to present, Achieving Supply Chain Cost Management and Labor Efficiency, at the Supply Chain Operations Private Exposition (SCOPE) East […]

Radical Publishing To Adapt Indian Movie "Hissss"

Bollywood supermodel Mallika Sherawat's likeness will appear in an comics adaptation of the movie "Hissss" directed by Jennifer Lynch. The movie features Mallika as a "nagin", a snakewoman. The movie has been picked up by Endeavour, who brokered the Slumdog Millionaire movie with Fox. Originally intended for Virgin Comics, with its ties to the Indian […]