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Secret Empire: Omega #1- One Last Pass Through Secret Empire
Hydra Cap will probably be soon forgotten despite the setting up he gets here, and much of the themes of distrust of superheroes as well as Good Steve's self-doubt will probably dissolve soon. If Hydra Cap does stick around, it will be as the Red Skull, and they will rarely, if ever, refer to him as[...]
When Captain America Wielded Mjolnir To Fight Nazis
And he wielded it to fight Nazis. Specifically, Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull and in Fear Itself gifted with godly (Norse, specifically) powers from another hammer she found She then led a Nazi army to raise a long-exiled Asgardian God of Fear (Odin's brother don'tcha know) and attack America. In a moment when things looked[...]
The Last Stone Is The First – A Look At The Space Stone
It was hidden on Earth, where the Red Skull was able to track it down and use it to power his weapons created by Arnim Zola for Hydra Captain America defeated the Skull and sent the Tesseract into the bottom of the ocean where it was recovered by Howard Stark and given to SHIELD Years[...]
Hugo Weaving Has Changed His Tune, Speaking Positively About Playing Red Skull
Hugo Weaving hasn't been shy in the past to talk about his displeasure at playing the Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger It has meant rumours about his return to the character have been muted. However, it seems the door might have opened just a little bit on that Speaking to Yahoo, in a series where[...]
Retconning The Snap Wilson Retcon In All-New Captain America
Rather than a social worker from New York, lured away for his falconry skills to the jungle, then organising locals against the Red Skull, it was revealed that this was all a ploy by the Skull, that Sam Wilson was actually "Snap" Wilson, a mob-connected hoodlum who was trapped in the jungle on his way[...]
If Red Skull Is Returning, No One Has Told Hugo Weaving
Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, said that it's possible for the Red Skull to show up in future Marvel movies So will he be part of Captain America: Civil War? Even actor Hugo Weaving doesn't know. "I have absolutely no idea," Weaving said when asked if he'd be returning for Captain America: Civil War or possibly in another Marvel[...]
Friday Runaround – Bobble Headed Fascists R Us
Although note the lack of swastika imagery on the bobble headed Red Skull Because that would just be tasteless. NewsWatch: Apparently it's news that two people read comics. NewsWatch2: Now the BBC thinks that DC haven't actally published Action Comics #900 yet and that the offending story could stil be changed What is it with news organisations[...]
Take A Good Look At The Red Skull
Our first good look at the Red Skull from the Captain America movie comes from Entertainment Weekly: Most superheroes are only as good as their villains are bad In this summer's Captain America: The First Avenger, Chris Evans plays a scrawny, sickly wannabe soldier during World War II who gets an injection that turns him into[...]