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The Weekly Static Interviews: Patrick Fischler of Happy! and Twin Peaks

Together they also raise Roscoe and Lady, local rescue dogs. [caption id="attachment_762500" align="aligncenter" width="252"] Credit: Sharp & Associates[/caption]TV Shows You've Seen Him In: DirecTV’s Kingdom; Showtime's Shameless, Dice, Weeds and Californication; HBO's Silicon Valley, Veep and Curb Your Enthusiasm; USA's Suits; AMC's Mad Men; ABC's Lost, Scandal, Fresh Off the Boat and Grey’s Anatomy; NBC’s Law & Order: SVU; CBS' Criminal[...]

Michael Parks, The Man Who Played Jack Kirby, Passes Away

From the moment I saw him steal the opening scene of #fromdusktildawn at an advance screening at the Sunset 5 back in the mid-90's, I said to @samosier "Could you imagine what it must be like to work with a Yoda of acting like that guy? I gotta write for him one day." It took[...]

Kevin Smith On His Plans To Re-Cut Red State, And More

Here's one of the things Kevin Smith and I have in common: we called in to Washington DC's Kevin and Josh Movie Show this week and talked about movies.*I called in to give a little bit of a Bleeding Cool-fuelled news update, and to ask a few questions of Dark Knight cinematographer Wally Pfister (more[...]

Kevin Smith Goes Crazy With The Hit Somebody Casting Details

Tonight's the night of the Red State premiere at Sundance, and following the screening, Kevin Smith will be holding a live, public auction in the auditorium, for the rights to distribute the film I wish him the best of luck with this because, though I don't expect it will, there's a real risk that everything[...]

Teaser Trailer For Kevin Smith's Red State

Kevin Smith has promised that his next picture, Red State, will horrify us On first impressions, this trailer seems to suggest he might well deliver on that promise.Now, a lot of those images are of the kind we've seen in so-called torture porn pictures, and I was expecting something a touch more understated That's no[...]

Kevin Smith Cueing Red State Support Cast

There's a strong line up of actors currently showing interest in joining Kevin Smith's Red State So far named are Dermot Mulroney, Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano, Stephen Root and Melissa Leo Here's where you may know them from: Dermot Mulroney: Lovely & Amazing, About Schmidt, ZodiacKyle Gallner: Veronica Mars, Jennifer's Body, A Nightmare on Elm StreetMichael[...]

Kevin Smith Has Cast His Fred Phelps Figure

Kevin Smith's Comic-Con panel came out first shred of Red State casting news So who is to be the unknown given the key role of a Fred Phelps-type figure?It's Michael Parks, unknown from his roles in Kill Bill, From Dusk Til Dawn and Twin Peaks In 1969 he was particularly unknown as the title star[...]

Kevin Smith Planning TV Show, Shooting Red State in August

Sticking to his guns and filling the cast with unknowns, Kevin Smith is set to start rolling on his horror-film-but-not-how-you-think, Red State, as soon as next month He's already made it clear that the film is in some way inspired by Rev Fred Phelps, but other than that, it's fair to say the film's underlying[...]