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WWE's Renee Young (Renee Paquette) doing commentary for Monday Night Raw (Image: WWE)
WWE's Renee Young has COVID-19, she revealed on Twitter today Young's announcement comes after news broke earlier today that at least three more people present at WWE's most recent set of television tapings had tested positive for COVID-19 Young's husband, Jon Moxley, also dropped out of tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite due to possible contact[...]
Yorkshire Pudding, England. By Vaternam
Following up on her corn soup that captivated the wrestling industry last weekend, Renee Young took to Twitter Friday to announce plans to make Yorkshire puddings The delightful, savory puddings, baked in the drippings of a roast, are an English classic, and the wrestling business was immediately abuzz with talk of Young's puddings as soon[...]
Renee and Dean vs. The Ocean: Total Divas Bonus Clip, April 12, 2017
One of the cutest couples in all of pro wrestling is the cross-promotion marriage between AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and WWE broadcasting powerhouse Renee Young But it turns out that while this couple's love may be strong, there's one thing veritable Meatloaf Jon Moxley won't do for love And that thing is dancing in[...]
Rey Mysterio vs. Baron Corbin: Raw, April 1, 2019
WWE personality Renee Young has been dazzling Twitter all day with her adventure in attempting to replicate a particular corn soup she last tasted in Tokyo, Japan "Today's adventure: trying to make corn soup like i had in Tokyo," Young tweeted, posting several updates throughout the day as she attempted to attain the desired consistency[...]
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Renee Young, in congratulating Triple H on his 25 years in WWE, also thanked him for earning her a spot on foot fetish website Wikifeet And yes, she posted the video in question. Congrats on 25 years @TripleH !! One of the absolute best to lace up a pair of boots!! And thanks for landing me[...]
Instead, according to Moxley, he's doing a lot of that with his wife, WWE star Renee Young. In an interview with Wrestling Observer Live as transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Moxley weighed in on yesterday's WWE layoffs, which saw 38 people and counting fired by Moxley's former employer The layoffs came just days after news that a[...]
WWE's Renee Young Responds to Dean Ambrose's Claims of Raw Sexual Magnetism
Is it a work? Is it a shoot? Are we working ourselves into a shoot, brother? That remains to be seen, but one person who is certainly working herself into something is Ambrose's wife, WWE commentator Renee Young, who responded to her husband's behavior on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw with a tweet[...]
Report: WWE Adds Hulk Hogan, Renee Young to Saudi Arabia's Crown Jewel Event
But RAW announcer Renee Young will be allowed to do commentary on the show, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, so Saudi Arabia has finally gotten on board with the Women's Evolution (TM)! Additionally, to make up for forcing the progressiveness of allowing a woman to talk about men performing fake sports fights, and also for top[...]
Renee Young Becomes Full-Time WWE Raw Commentator; Coach Bumped to Pre-Shows
In the latest example of the WWE Women's Evolution (TM), a movement celebrating WWE's advancements in treating female performers with respect in order to correct the decades of mistreatment that were inflicted by… er… WWE, Renee Young has been promoted to full-time Monday Night Raw commentator, replacing Jonathan Coachman WWE revealed the news in a[...]
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She was met up with Renee Young to talk about Nia Jax's opinion of her While telling the world that Jax isn't ready for her, Jax tried to attack from behind But Asuka's speed is undeniable — she was able to counter for a few moments That being said, Jax is not like most girls[...]
mixed match challenge
Byron Saxton and Renee Young broke the news in a Facebook video whose poor audio quality and unstable camera hopefully don't represent what we can expect to see from the new show, though we suppose it would add authenticity to a program airing exclusively on social media. Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and WWE Hall-of-Famer Beth Phoenix[...]
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With that in mind, some fans have suggested Renee Young would make a good replacement for JBL. Sad @JCLayfield is leaving #SDLive announcers desk He brought a veteran's authority Time for @ReneeYoungWWE to make a little history…? — Gorilla Position (@WWEGP) September 2, 2017 Young, however, seems to disagree: While I truly appreciate all of the support on[...]