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Rick Veitch's Cover For The Return Of Arthur
How's that for an early Christmas present? Rick Veitch draws the cover for the return of free counterculture broadsheet newspaper Except it's no longer free But it does give you a lot for about five bucks And includes an appreciation from Alan Moore… GIANT-SIZED Broadsheet newspaper Sixteen gigantic 15″ x 22.75″ pages (8 color, 8 b/w) Available Dec[...]
Is Marvelman Closer Than We Think?
CORPORATION DELAWARE 1600 Rosecrans Avenue Manhattan Beach CALIFORNIA 90266 Attorney of Record Eli Bard Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator LIVE Marvel Comics paid the late Mick Anglo a million dollars for his rights to Marvelman, but Todd McFarlane's trademark ownership of Miracleman had been a bit of a sticking point. No longer it seems. Could this be leading to a final, long awaited,[...]
Al Jazeera Covers Rick Veitch's The Big Lie
But Rick Veitch's The Big Lie, out last week, does give an account of the events of 9/11 ten years ago in a fashion that may be familiar. And now Al Jazeera has covered the comic, as part of a wider piece on Truthers Here's the video clip in question… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyCYetSJqdE[/youtube] [...]
The Big Lie Isn't Just A Truther Text… It's An EC Comic
Rick Veitch is old school Coming into comics in the seventies, he worked on  horror and war comics with a twist that were heavily influenced by the origins in William Gaines' EC comics Something nasty in the woodshed, a overall sense of foreboding, the grisly only finally revealed in the last panels It's a sensibility[...]