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The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Silver Tempest Part 52: Rockruff CR
Credit: Pokémon TCG Dog lovers are getting their new favorite card with this Hideki Ishikawa-illustrated Rockruff, which depicts this cute Pokémon producing a series of snot bubbles as it dozes next to Alola's Professor Kukui. Artist nagimiso continues the Alola vibes with this Passimian Character Rare This one features Passimian training next to Black Belt, which is cool[...]
New Daily Adventure Incense Brings Rare Spawns to Pokémon GO
However, Rockruff has been a Raid/Egg-exclusive Pokémon since its introduction and, as such, has the Raid/Egg-only boosted Shiny rate If we are going to see species like Rockruff popping off this Incense, this is going to be something Trainers will want to utilize every single day. Here is what Niantic has to say about the new[...]
Rockruff Returns to Pokémon GO Raid Rotation for Early April 2022
Did you know that Rockruff is back in raids? This Pokémon has been out for almost a month, as it arrived with the first wave of the major Alola reveal currently ongoing in Pokémon GO It was among the most popular raids of the year so far due to its Shiny form being unlocked upon release[...]