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Roddenberry Entertainment, a name synonymous with science fiction,  will be releasing their latest short film Instant following their San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) panel on Thursday July 19, 2018 1:30pm – 2:30pm in Room 24ABC.  The company was awesome enough to let us share an exclusive clip with our readers ahead of next week's panel. An intimate 22-minute character[...]
The Toys That Made Us Season 2, Episode 1 Talks Star Trek
I'm a huge Trek fan, and I was delighted to see Mr. Rod Roddenberry appear within the first three minutes of the episode to talk about his father. Doug Drexler (special and visual effects artist) stops by to speak about how Trek was different from the get-go, not just sci-fi for kids. Aluminum Model Toy company is mentioned who[...]
Roddenberry Releases Star Trek Starfleet Moto Jackets for Preorder
Who wouldn't want to wear one of these Star Trek-inspired moto jackets while exploring the galaxies?  Released today by the Roddenberry store for a crowdfunded preorder in order to celebrate the upcoming -45th Anniversary of First Contact Day (April 5th, 2063), the Starfleet moto jacket is a stylish way to celebrate your favorite science fiction series. Blue[...]
Convention Report From HawaiiCon 2017: Star Wars And More
Guests including Daniel Logan (prequel series and Star Wars: Rebels young Boba Fett), Paul Blake (Greedo from Star Wars: A New Hope), Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett and also Chief Tui from Moana), and voice actors Steve Blum (Cowboy Bebop, Star Wars: Rebels) and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Steven Universe, Star Wars: Rebels) were in attendance to celebrate all things Star Wars. Bonus: Tem and Daniel treated us to a haka! There was also[...]
star trek: Discovery
IDIC is a canonical term from Star Trek: The Original Series and, in Gene Roddenberry's words: "Until humans learn to tolerate — no, that's not enough; to positively value each other — until we can value the diversity here on Earth, then we don't deserve to go into outer space and encounter the infinite diversity out there." IDIC[...]
CBS Announces Star Trek Discovery Premiere Date, Finally
The next generation (but actually it's a prequel series) of starfleet exploration FINALLY has a release date from CBS and their streaming service All Access for Star Trek: Discovery. After the on again off again announcements of expected release dates, shakeups with showrunners, writers, directors and in general all the things you hope don't happen to a[...]