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Cover image for Rogues #3
Captain Cold is interrogated by Sam Simeon in this preview of Rogues #3… but he may be getting off easy Check out the preview below. ROGUES #3 DC Comics 0322DC142 0322DC143 – Rogues #3 Cover – $6.99 (W) Joshua Williamson (A) Leomacs (CA) Sam Wolfe Connelly Book III: The Heist! Captain Cold had a plan to steal from Gorilla Grodd[...]
Cover image for Rogues #2
Will Golden Glider derail the titular Rogues' mission to get involved in Buredunian politics in this preview of Rogues #2? Check out the preview below. ROGUES #2 DC Comics 0222DC113 0222DC114 – Rogues #2 Cover – $6.99 (W) Joshua Williamson (A) Leomacs (CA) Sam Wolfe Connelly You might think you know Gorilla City, but you don't Not a soul who has[...]
Cover image for Rogues #1
The titular Rogues learn that Gorilla Grodd has been hoarding gold in this preview of Rogues #1, the new DC Black Label series launching Tuesday Are the titular rogues jealous because he makes smart financial decisions? How Ape-alling! Check out the preview below. ROGUES #1 DC Comics 0122DC074 0122DC075 – Rogues #1 Massimiliano Leomacs Cover – $6.99 (W) Joshua Williamson[...]
Rogues: A New DC Black Label Series That Doesn't Star Batman Or Joker
Instead, Williamson and Leomacs' four-issue prestige format Rogues will star Captain Cold and his pals reuniting for one last job to turn their miserable lives around The four-issues series Here's what Williamson had to say about Rogues in a press release on Rogues is unlike anything I've done at DC It's closer to my own creator-owned[...]
Amigos Previews Rogues!: The Cold Ship Trade
Amigos is set to release a new Rogues! trade paperback collecting issues #1 – 5 of Rogues!: The Cold Ship The series is written by El Torres with art by Lolita Aldea and colors by Sandra Molina. In the mythical city of Gerada, Pearl of the South and Cradle of Humanity, Bram and the thief known[...]
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Forever Reading Forever Evil – JLA #8, Pandora #4, Rogues Rebellion #1
Which brings up a question. There's an old joke of Isaac and Esther that comes to mind… But it's also reflected in Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 also out today, with the only-lightly-bad guy Rogues going… well, rogue on their new evil overlords Not that anyone will believe them obviously. A lesson in crying wolf for us all[...]