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Zach Howard And Nelson Daniel's Process Art For Rom The Space Knight Cover
Earlier today it was announced that not only would Rom the Space Knight be part of Free Comic Book Day but the character would be getting his own new on-going series from IDW Publishing Well, Chris Ryall the co-writer of the new series posted the process art for the #0 issue cover by Zach Howard[...]
Rom the Space Knight's FCBD Offering Sets Up New On-Going
Rom the Space Knight was part of the Free Comic Book Day announcement earlier but now we have more details. What started out as an LED-driven action figure in the 70s turned into one of the most beloved figures in comics for people "in-the-know" and now he's coming back Rom the Space Knight will get a[...]
SDCC'15: Micronauts And Rom Return From IDW And Hasbro In 2016
Just announced at San Diego Comic Con… the return of the Micronauts and Rom The Space Knight as comic books, both from IDW and Hasbro Both originally developed and published by Marvel Comics, they were based on toy lines, the rights of which have become convoluted over the years. But now after much teasing, IDW and Hasbro[...]