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Free To Read – Stjepan Sejic And Ron Marz's Ravine #1

If you check out his deviant art page he is constantly posting humorous pieces about comic characters and has an on-going book or two of his own.He also has the book Ravine he did with Ron Marz and he's offering up the first issue free to read You just have to go to this link[...]

Ron Marz Takes The Shadow Into The World Of H.P. Lovecraft

Ron Marz and Ivan Rodriguez take the classic pulp hero The Shadow and places him in an H.P Lovecraft classic with The Shadow Over Innsmouth and then Chris Roberson and Bilquis Evely wrap up the Doc Savage series.THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH (ONE SHOT) Ron Marz (w) Ivan Rodriguez (a/c)The fog-shrouded town of Innsmouth holds deep secrets[...]

Warlord Of Marz – Ron Marz Takes On John Carter

is there anyone who seems more suited to write adventure stories on Mars than a guy named Marz?Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Witchblade) is taking on Edgar Rich Burroughs' creation, John Carter: Warlord of Mars This comes in the wake of the licensing deal between Dynamite and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., settling their legal differences and[...]

Out This Week – Witchblade 173

Even without the Witchblade secured to her wrist, Sara Pezzini cannot escape the corrupting influence of the gauntlet.Part four of the Borne Again storyline hits stores this week in Witchblade #173 written by Ron Marz, art by Laura Braga and colors by Betsy Gonia The fine folks at Top Cow were nice enough to send[...]

More Battlestar Galactica, Captain Action And The Shadow This April From Dynamite

Lovecraft for a new one-shot in The Shadow Over Innsmouth is written by Ron Marz (Green Lantern) and artist Matthew Dow Smith. In The Shadow Over Innsmouth, the fog-shrouded town of Innsmouth holds deep secrets There are legends of inhuman creatures raised from the depths, of supernatural rites and elder gods from beyond When Lamont Cranston and Margo[...]

Ron Marz And Friends Do Auction For Toys For Tots

Tom Raney post this on his facebook page today: My buddy Ron Marz is doing a series of auctions to fund a toy drive for Toys for Tots I contributed a Batman- Deadman piece Please go and bid Bid high, it's for a good cause! Taking a look at the listings, they're offering up stuff from Jim Zub, Peter[...]

Anatomy Of A Story

Incredibly shitty thing for BC to do.— Ron Marz (@ronmarz) October 30, 2013Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool became aware of a story regarding the planned wholesale move of DC Comics from Manhattan to Burbank Important if true, it signalled a sea change in the way the comics industry, even now, still worked We asked around,[...]

Comic Industry Responds To Affleck As Batman

#ChillNerds— john siuntres (@johnwordballoon) August 23, 2013   Weirdly, I think I will SEE THE MOVIE FIRST before I decide if I like Ben Affleck as Batman.— Ron Marz (@ronmarz) August 23, 2013   You read for a part, you feel good about it, you feel confident, then they cast Ben Affleck.— Richard Dreyfuss (@RichardDreyfuss) August 23, 2013   Right now,[...]

Fanboy Non-Rampage: Mark Waid Not Vs Scott Lobdell Nor Scott Snyder

 On the 18th of August, Mark Waid posted in response to Ron Marz; @ronmarz I wouldn’t worry for him At least he’s writing Superman.— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) August 19, 2013  Since that time, neither writers of the monthly Superman books, Scott Lobdell and Scott Snyder have replied, despite both having fully functioning Twitter accounts, and both having[...]

Steve Niles Announces New IDW Series On Twitter

Between the discussion with Ron Marz and Jimmy Palmiotti about doing Skype conventions and store visits, Steve Niles announced that his three issue mini-series Monster & Madman with art by Damien Worm was picked up by IDW Publishing. Very happy to announce that Monster & Madman has a home at IDW It will be a 3[...]

Idonije Plugs Comic on NFL Network

The player spoke on how he created the series in training camp a few years back and then brought Ron Marz and Bart Sears on board to make it happen.Idonije was then asked about his favorite comic to which he replied The Green Hornet as it was the first comics he ever read as a[...]

Ron Marz And The Chicago Bears' Israel Idonije

 It was to much to pass up, even over the siren song of signings and con popcorn, so I sprinted across the Javits center, and walked in just as Michael Uslan (yes, that Michael Uslan, the same one who has produced every modern Batman film) was introducing Idonije, writer Ron Marz, and the book’s “producers,”[...]

A Sneak Peek At Heavy Metal Magazine For San Diego Comic Con – The Return Of Mr Monster

Toby Cypress and Dave Elliot's ODYSSEY story. Dave Wilkin's EL ZOMBO story featuring Sharky and Mr Monster.AAndy Kuhn's strip about IRA GERSHWIN - MONSTER PUNCHER!Ron Marz and Tom Raney's A PAIR OF ROGUES (Tom's first creator owned strip). The first WEIRDING WILLOWS page from Dave Elliot and Sami Basra. Dave Elliot is reviving A1 through Heavy Metal,[...]

Prophecy #1 Sells Out 14,000 Print Run

Featuring Red Sonja, Vampirella, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, running through the Dynamite library of characters, by Ron Marz and Walter Geovanni It was a very pretty looking comic book.And the first issue sold out of it's print run.Which isn't a novelty these days.But that first print was only 14,000 copies That includes overprint, and indicates what[...]

REVIEW: Voodoo #1 by Ron Marz, Sami Basri and Jessica Kholinne

Amidst an internet furore over the depiction of women in comic books, comes Voodoo #1, starring a mixed race (Louisiana Creole/Daemonite/Kheribim) bisexual character, whose existence would probably be celebrated by many – if not that her job is as a stripper. Created for the comic book WildCATS back in the nineties, she was unaware of […]

"From Standing To Kneeling" – A Woman And The New DC Universe

No, I'm not talking about Batgirl. After all, she's gone from kneeling to standing. I'm talking about Voodoo. It was always a title that was prone to receive criticism. Voodoo #1, reboots the Wildstorm character, a member of WildCATS and last written in a solo book by Alan Moore. The revamp is written by someone […]

Fanboy Rampage: Scott Lobdell Vs Ron Marz

Feel free to contribute your own spots of online excess.Scott Lobdell is writing three of the new DCU books, Superboy, Teen Titans and Red Hood And The Outlaws.Ron Marz is writing one, Voodoo, for the new DCU.Together, they fight crime.Or rather, they fight each other On Twitter It started a couple of days ago[...]

Wednesday Runaround – Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber

TweetWatch: Ron Marz: If there's a better pairing than horrible, selfish nutbag Ayn Rand and Bluewater, I've yet to hear it: Bluewater Productions: I can think of a couple things... Ron Marz: Really? Like what? And don't say "unauthorized Justin Bieber comic," that's too easy.] Bluewater Productions: How about the sale numbers on Witchblade[...]