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LeVar Burton Shills Ryan Reynolds’ Gin After Jeopardy! Endorsement
Because it always is." For more on Burton including his time on his signature work from Roots, TNG, and Reading Rainbow, the roles that got away, his book "Aftermath", Steve McQueen, Fred Rogers, and his presence on social media, you can check it out on NYT. ( Bleeding Cool TV on Instagram: For all of the stuff[...]
MasterClass Taps “Reading Rainbow” Host LeVar Burton on Storytelling
He shares how diverse stories present an opportunity to empathize and connect with people and why sharing those stories makes the world a better and more true place. Pulling back the curtain on some of the experiences that defined his path, Burton shares case studies from his time in the revolutionary television miniseries Roots, as well[...]
Sean Bean Gets Properly Fast, Furious in Sky's Racing Drama 'Curfew'
Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls [Public domain], Wikimedia CommonsMoving ahead with a project that the network is hoping is more "Gumball Rally via Fast and the Furious" and less The Cannonball Run, British broadcaster Sky is moving ahead with futuristic racing drama Curfew. The eight-episode series stars Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and Malachi Kirby (Roots), and follows[...]