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Angry Birds To Be Featured In Several Educational Games
Rovio Entertainment has partnered with the educational gaming platform Legends of Learning to make a new series of titles featuring the Angry Birds IP Much like has been done in the past with franchises like Minecraft and Super Mario Bros., the company will be loaning their characters over to Legends to make a series of[...]
Angry Birds Dives Into Minecraft With Latest Updates
Rovio Entertainment has announced that they have a new DLC made specifically for Minecraft as Angry Birds can be added to the game The DLC wasn't created by Mjoang, but instead by Oreville Studios, who have taken many of the familiar sights, sounds, and characters from the mobile title and bricked them up for Minecraft:[...]
Angry Birds Classic Returns to the App Store & It's Addictive As Ever
Back in 2019, mobile developer Rovio Entertainment removed two of its iconic games, Angry Birds Classic and Angry Birds Seasons from app stores With the fast-moving pace of technology, they chose to release follow-ups rather than continuously update the original games Of course, many fans who fell in love with the original wanted that version of[...]
Rovio Relaunches The Original Angry Birds For Mobile
Rovio Entertainment had relaunched one of their classic games today as Angry Birds has been brought back in a revised way The game is officially called Rovio Classics: Angry Birds, this version of the game brings back the classic title with some revised graphics and mechanics so that you have a better time playing it,[...]
Rovio Entertainment Launches Angry Birds Journey For Mobile
Rovio Entertainment has launched a brand new game into the Angry Birds franchise as players can now experience Angry Birds Journey The game was soft-launched in a few different countries, but now the full game has been released worldwide as they have taken the original title and given it a bit of an overhaul Now[...]