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Saint Seiya Live Action Film Gets Several New Cast Additions
Sure, some of the past releases haven't had the reaction that studios hoped for (RIP Cowboy Bebop, you were taken too soon) but there's still hope for whatever comes next – even the unexpected and aforementioned Knights of the Zodiac. More commonly known as Saint Seiya, the popular manga series has circulated more than 50 million[...]
Saint Seiya Live Action Film Gets Several New Cast Additions
In a time where anime and manga adaptations feel like they are hot commodities, one popular franchise of the '80s titled Saint Seiya is ready to make its mark. We've already seen brief visuals of Netflix's upcoming sci-fi bounty hunter series Cowboy Bebop, there's a live-action post-apocalyptic story known as Attack on Titan in development, and[...]
Funko Announces Anime Saint Seiya Pop Vinyls
Anime fans rejoin! The hit series Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac is getting their own wave of Funko Pop vinyl Packed with colors and new molding technique some of your foveate knight's return Saint Seiya fans will be happy to see 5 of their favorite characters with Pegasus Seiya, Andromeda Shun, Cygnus Yoga, Dragon[...]
Figures, Comics, and Posters- What's Inside the LootCrate Anime Box?
But LootCrate knows what they're doing. The LootAnime box shipped to my door this month is actually December 2017's box, as it came with a statue of Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia, a Saint Seiya cap, Black Clover t-shirt, a free comic, and even a couple of posters. Sure, none of my favorite anime shows were involved in the[...]
Netflix Readies Japanese Animated Series Aggrestuko, B: The Beginning
A new year brings a new lineup of international original animation from Netflix, with the streaming giant looking to build upon the success of last summer's slate of original series: Devilman Crybaby, Saint Seiya and Baki Working with some of Japan's top animation production, Netflix is readying a series based on popular Sanrio character Retsuko; and[...]