Saint Seiya Live-Action Film Reveals Official Cast

In a time where anime and manga adaptations feel like they are hot commodities, one popular franchise of the '80s titled Saint Seiya is ready to make its mark.

We've already seen brief visuals of Netflix's upcoming sci-fi bounty hunter series Cowboy Bebop, there's a live-action post-apocalyptic story known as Attack on Titan in development, and even the long-running goofy action/adventure series One Piece, all fighting for a shot at the first overall well-received adaptation. And Saint Seiya is yet another story that requires an ambitious vision.

Saint Seiya Live Action Film Gets Several New Cast Additions
Saint Seiya – Toei Animation

Currently titled Knights of the Zodiac, the film is said to be the first story in this potential Saint Seiya saga, which previously introduced us to a tale of warriors known as The Saints who gather their powers from the constellations. In doing so, they are required to protect the reincarnated goddess Athena and ward off anyone seeking to disrupt the harmony of earth.

Most recently, the Sony Pictures film announced (via The Hollywood Reporter) a batch of casting additions for the film, which includes Famke Janssen, Sean Bean, Mackenyu, Madison Iseman, Nick Stahl, Diego Tinoco, and Mark Dacascos. For the upcoming "origin" film, Mackenyu will be taking on the role of Seiya, who the site notes is "a street orphan and the title hero of the franchise." They briefly dive into the film and character's premise, noting, "When a mystical energy known as Cosmo awakens in him, Seiya embarks on a journey to conquer the ancient Greek armor of Pegasus and choose his side in a preternatural battle for the fate of Sienna, a young girl who struggles to control her godly powers."

After being in development limbo for several years, the Toei produced film Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac has now managed to pull together a cast, as well as writers Josh Campbell, Matt Stueckenand, and director Tomasz Baginski.

What are your thoughts on the Saint Seiya cast so far?

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