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New Sandbox MMO Moonlight Sculptor Has Opened Pre-Registration
Kakao Games has finally opened up pre-registration for their upcoming sandbox MMO game Moonlight Sculptor before it launches in May Working with and XL Games (creators of ArcheAge) you can currently sign up for the new mobile title on Google Play and the official website (link above), with signups happening on the App Store available soon[...]
Bill Jemas Registers Trademarks for Upstart, Upshot and Sandbox
With trademarks being registered for; Upstart Upshot Sandbox for the following categories; Entertainment services namely, publishing comic books and graphic novels; publishing text and graphic works on-line featuring comic books, novelizations, scripts and audiovisual materials; and, providing a web site featuring multimedia materials for entertainment purposes Now UPSHOT is the name the publisher has given for their creator-owned titles, Upshot Studios,[...]
Finding A New Sandbox To Play In: We Review 'Albion Online'
We recently got a chance to play Albion Online from Sandbox Interactive, one of the newest MMORPG titles to come out of the testing phase and go live as a fully released game Let's see how this one stacks up, shall we? credit//Sandbox Interactive Albion Online is a little different than many in the genre as you'll[...]