After 20 Years Marvel to Publish Warren Elliss 2 Issues of Satana

After 20 Years, Marvel to Publish Warren Ellis's 2 Issues of Satana

Once upon a time, Warren Ellis wrote a Satana series for Marvel, coming off his run on Hellstorm and Druid.It was to be part of an imprint called Strange Tales, conceived to compete with Vertigo, reimagining Marvel's horror characters for a mature readership J.M DeMatteis and Liam Sharpe lined up for Man-Thing, Warren Ellis and[...]

Spirits of Vengeance #5 Review: A Satisfying Finale for a Troubled Series

Spirits of Vengeance #5 Review: A Satisfying Finale for a Troubled Series

The Devil mocks Satana and Daimon for even trying to stop it On Earth, the two offspring of Satan, Ghost Rider, and Blade must stop Hell from overtaking Earth Ghost Rider is the key to stopping Beleth and Necrodamus, Blade accompanies Blaze, and Daimon and Satana must hold off the demons that would halt our[...]

Spirits of Vengeance #3 Review: Better but Still Very Underwhelming

Spirits of Vengeance #3 Review: Better, but Still Very Underwhelming

Satana has a special place in my heart thanks to her Thunderbolts days Hellstrom is a cool character too, even if writers generally have very conflicting visions of who and what the Son of Satan is.In fairness, this issue is far better than the previous installment In fact, Spirits of Vengeance #3 isn’t strictly bad[...]

Marvel Legacy Spirits of Vengeance #1 Review- Fire And Brimstone

Marvel Legacy 'Spirits of Vengeance' #1 Review- Fire And Brimstone

Thankfully, you are the Spirit of Vengeance, the Ghost Rider, so handle people like this all the time.This is the setup to Spirits of Vengeance #1 by Victor Gischler and David Baldeon, the Marvel Legacy mini-series starring Ghost Rider, Blade, Satana, and the Son of Satan.In a supernatural, demon-filled adventure like this, Marvel has the[...]

Bleeding Cosplay &#8211 From Teen Titans To Venom

Bleeding Cosplay – From Teen Titans To Venom

Like these folks did.To see more of Ian’s cosplay coverage be sure to follow him on Tumblr for all the latest in cosplay tutorials, pictures and convention updates.Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicles) : Kurioh ( Photographer : Drifter Satana : Alexia Muller Cosplay ( Photographer : Eva Terra (Teen Titans) : Kouki-Li ( Photographer : Amanda Leigh ( Black Canary : Kitty Honey[...]