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Scott Kurtz Sells Table Titans As Children Graphic Novel Series
PVP creator Scott Kurtz is taking characters from the Table Titans webcomic he created ten years ago and turning it into a new middle-grade graphic novel series also called Table Titans, of which he has sold the first two volumes to Sally Morgridge at Holiday House The story stars preternaturally confident (and unapologetically nerdy) seventh-grader[...]
Scott Kurtz And Zac Gorman On Creating Comics For Marvel
On Saturday, Bleeding Cool learnt  of a number of increased creators added to the upcoming, All-New-All-Different Avengers Annual, in which we see as stories-within-a-story, Kamala Khan, Ms Marvel's fanfic about her fellow comic book characters. They included PVP's Scott Kurtz. I guess this got announced I'm writing and drawing a story for @Marvel — Scott Kurtz (@pvponline)[...]
Chip Zdarsky, Natasha Allegri, Zac Gorman And Scott Kurtz Join Ms Marvel Fan Fic Comic
Art by Faith Erin Hicks for the All-New All-Different Avengers Annual #1 All-New All-Different Avengers Annual #1 was solicited as written by G Willow Wilson, Mark Waid, Faith Erin Hicks and more. And drawn by Mahmud Asrar, Veronica Fish, Faith Erin Hicks… and more. Well, now we know who the "and more" is. The comic book, featuring the fiction-within-a-fiction[...]
PVP's Scott Kurtz Creates New Comic, Table Titans, With Wizards Of The Coast
Because PVP just wasn't geeky enough… Table Titans is a new webcomic by Scott Kurtz about a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons gamers, and it has official approval and co-operation from the D&D owners, Wizards Of The Coast. Indeed they are turning aspects of the comic into an actual adventure, and will premier the Table Titans Mines[...]
ShiftyLook Moves Into Cartoons – Bravoman, Jim Zub, Scott Kurtz And More
But rather than new webcomics, they are both animated cartoons. The first is Bravoman, with the subtitle Cartoon Of Unequalled Excellence, by Jim Zub and Matt Moylan taking the webcomic and turning into a fully animated series, starring Bravoman, Alpha, Anti-Bravo and Waya and voiced by Animaniacs' Rob Paulsen. The second is Mappy: The Beat by Scott[...]
ShiftyLook Lines Up Webcomic Stars For Dig Dug
Bleeding Cool has been following ShiftyLook, the publisher created by Namco Bandai, to recreate arcade classics as webcomics, with an eye to revitalising their brands. The latest, announced on their podcast, is the game Dig Dug, being reinterpreted by a bunch of webcomic creators, for its 30th anniversary. Here's a list of their initial creators on the[...]
Michael Murphey Explains Everything About Diamond Digital
As to whether the service could link up to existing apps such as IDW's, he replied; At launch it's Comics+ only…but Comics+ will be available in a lot more ways than it currently is. There was a bit of a back and forth with PVP creator Scott Kurtz as the latter tweeted; Kurtz: Diamond Digital? Come on[...]