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Do You Have The Comic Code Records? Could You Check? Maybe Behind The Sofa?

The Comics Code was administered by the Comics Magazine Association of America. For decades, when it came to comics, they saw everything. Everything. But now? We see nothing. The files of the Comics Magazine Association of America have been lost. Three years ago, Sean Howe, author of Marvel Comics: The Untold Story issued the following appeal, Unfortunately, as the […]

Four-Color Roots Part 1: The Toyetic Age (1985-1989)

By Christopher Smith In the first installment of this ongoing column series, Christopher Smith takes us on a tour through his own back pages as a comics fan, going down unexpected dark alleys and diversions. Focusing only on the comics and pop-cultural touchstones he experienced at the time, he reconsiders their influence and impact from […]

Marvel Comics – The Still Untold Story?

Bob Greenberger, long time editor DC, executive at Marvel and journalist for Comics Scene has been reading Sean Howe's Marvel Comics: The Untold Story and has a few issues. Blaming Sean's bias of interest in the seventies as missing out much in decades before and after, he specifically targets a lack of interest in what DC […]

Gunhawk And Hero For Hire – "Special Appeal To Black Audience"

Sean Howe, author of The Untold Story Of Marvel Comics, which I am currently poring through, is continuing to run bits and pieces, some that get picked up in the book, some not. That includes Marvel sales notes for some of its titles in the mid seventies. Apparently "girls like Black Widow character" and both […]