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Game Of Thrones Season One Recap In Song&#8230

Game Of Thrones, Season One Recap, In Song…

So, Season Two of Game Of Thrones is about to begin But can you remember everything that happened in Season One? I mean you could watch the just-released DVD, but that's a serious time commitment, you haven't got that long until the new season starts How about if you could do it all in two[...]

New Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 2 Zombies And Jesus Collide

New Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 2, Zombies And Jesus Collide

Yes, that's what you get for hiring women writers: huge gratuitous photos of Norman Reedus at the top of any post about The Walking Dead. Drink him in… I was supposed to be writing about something…? Oh yes, a new trailer has arrived for season 2 of kooky family drama series The Walking Dead, and […]

Misfits Series Two Three Episodes In Where Are We

Misfits Series Two, Three Episodes In, Where Are We?

Obvious spoilers. No messing about, three episodes into Misfits Series Two and we know the identity of Super Hoodie. But who thought they'd really steal a play from Heroes to do it? Showrunner Howard Overman has been quite specific, we wouldn't learn about what caused the storm that gave the Misfits, and much of the […]