Sebastian Fiumara

Sandman Universe #1 cover by Jae Lee and June Chung

A Sandman Newbie Reviews Sandman Universe #1: This Isn't for New Readers

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Dreaming is fractured and broken. Its residents fear a total collapse. Lucien sends out the raven, Matthew, to find the ruler of the Dreaming, the Sandman/Daniel/Dream. To enter the real world, Matthew must find a dream and awaken the dreamer. His first attempt is foiled by an encounter with Dora. Afterwards, he […]

Batman: Detective Comics #982 cover by Sebastian Fiumara and Brad Anderson

Detective Comics #982 Review: A Darkly Beautiful One-Off Story

Thankfully, Batman is here to stop Blackfire’s schemes, but the deacon may yet infect the Dark Knight too.[caption id="attachment_866775" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Detective Comics #982 cover by Sebastian Fiumara and Brad Anderson[/caption]Detective Comics #982 is a remarkable one-off comic that leans on the horror potential of the Batman character and his mythos[...]

All Star Batman

All Star Batman #11 Review – The Secrets Of Fathers And Sons

All of a sudden, his understanding and begrudging acceptance of Bruce's mission makes a little more sense - as does the times when Alfred has begged him to leave it behind.We also have tentative ties to the villain of the arc, and a few more threads up in the air that will keep the pace[...]

Things To Do All Over The World This Week If You Like Hellboy And His Universe

March 22nd marks the 20th Anniversary of Hellboy in his first dedicated comic, Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction #1, and Dark Horse are officially naming it Hellboy Day with events all over the place, wherever Hellboy creators and enthusiastic retailers can be found. It's a time for cosplay, commemoration, and raising a salute to Big Red. […]