Special Preview: Dark Horse's 'Starting Points' Program Launches With Abe Sapien #13

Back at ComicsPRO in March, Dark Horse let retailers know that it would soon be kicking off its new 'Starting Points' program where each month key books would geared as jumping on points for new readers as the start of fresh major arcs on said books. The first two to roll out in June previews, they said, would be Abe Sapien and Captain Midnight, and that's no surprise for readers who have been following those two series since things were rapidly developing into flashpoints for major new arcs to begin.


Abe Sapien #12, released this week, had the feeling of a major single-issue story while setting up some elements that could well be ongoing, including the introduction of a new female character who Abe seems intent on saving from an enormously painful past and a traumatic kidnapping. Abe Sapien #13 is slated to bring us an Abe who is still trying to cope with the traumas he has witnessed at the inception of the apocalypse in the Hellboy Universe, but having some pretty freaky new conflicts to deal with.

Dark Horse have kindly provided us with a special sneak preview of several pages of the comic here at Bleeding Cool:

ABES #13 PG 07 ABES #13 PG 08 ABES #13 PG 09Abe Sapien #13 reaches FOC on Monday, May 19th, and is co-written by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie, with art by Sebastian Fiumara. Dark Horse's 'Starting Points' program offers special incentives to retailers, so check it out here.

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