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Days of Sand: SelfMadeHero Publishes Award-winning Dust bowl Graphic Novel
Self-Made Hero continues its line of award-winning international graphic novels that we might not otherwise hear about with Days of Sand, the award-winning depiction of the American dustbowl by Aimée de Jongh that has sold over 40,000 copies in France and won multiple awards. "Days of Sand" cover art, SelfMadeHero. Days of Sand won the Best of[...]
Sandcastle: Euro Graphic Novel adapted for M. Night Shyamalan Movie
SelfMadeHero, the UK's leading independent graphic novel publisher, has revealed that their graphic novel Sandcastle is the inspiration for M Night Shyamalan's major new feature film, Old He said: "Sandcastle truly inspired my film Old It is a profound mystery sci-fi graphic novel that is illustrated so beautifully and with such humanity[...]
Orwell: SelfMadeHero Publishes Graphic Biography of 1984 Writer
Now SelfMadeHero are publishing the English edition of a European graphic novel biography of the man written by veteran comics writer Pierre Christin, writer of the classic Valerian and Laureline series, and frequent collaborator of Enki Bilal on top of screenplays and other graphic novels too numerous to name Self-taught and brilliant artist Sébastien Verdier[...]
Julian Hanshaw, Krent Able Follow "I Feel Machine" With "I Feel Love"
His work has since appeared in The Guardian, The NME and Vice, and in 2016 was the subject of an award-winning documentary about his work, Ink, Cocks & Rock 'N' Roll. Together in September 2018, they edited I Feel Machine, a graphic anthology published though SelfMadeHero Based on the theme of technology Hanshaw and Able invited[...]
Rickards Adapt Ragged Trousers Philanthropists as Graphic Novel
Scarlett and Sophie Rickard are adapting Robert Tressell's classic novel, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists as a graphic novel, being published by SelfMadeHero Originally published after his death in 1911, the novel follows a house painter's efforts to find work in the fictional English town of Mugsborough to stave off the workhouse for himself, his wife[...]
SelfMadeHero Brings Ramones, Nick Cave to Comic Stores in September 2018 Solicits
British graphic novel publisher SelfMadeHero has three titles for comic stores in September And it's all getting a little rock'n'roll… I FEEL MACHINE GN JUL182134 (W) Krent Able, Julian Hanshaw (A) Box Brown, Shaun Tan, Tillie Walden Since the turn of the century, technology has transformed the way we communicate and consume, how we work and fall in love[...]
Things To Do In London If You Like Comics
Adults only, obviously. Tomorrow it's the official launch of a bunch of SelfMadeHero titles, including The Man Who Laughs by David Hine and Mark Stafford, at Gosh Comics. Saturday, there's the Orbital Comics Pop Up Shop at Ritzy Brixton, alongside the release of Man Of Steel. At Forbidden Planet on Monday, Neil Gaiman is signing copies of Ocean[...]
Mr. Smylie Goes to Dubai: Reflections on Middle East Film & Comic-Con
Two indoor floors and a larger outdoor festival area made up the main convention area, with outdoor tent pavilions for the panels and art workshops and a discreetly hidden beer garden (Dubai is officially a dry city in deference to Islamic traditions but alcohol is widely available through hotel bars). John Rhys-Davies, the irrepressible Max Landis,[...]