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Free On Bleeding Cool – Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #1
The new look characters are drawn by Sergio Fernandez Davila as the six part adventure unfolds. This is the first issue of a new universe that has been expanded up on since in multiple mini-series. As a second free comic on this festive holiday, Dynamite has given us Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure In the series, Bill[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #2
With Dynamite spinning off three different miniseries (Red Sonja, Green Hornet and Vampirella), it only seems appropriate that we share with out readers one of the issues of Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure written by Fables creator Bill Willingham and art by Sergio Fernandez Davila. The original series is on sale this week at Comixology. With Dynamite[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #1
Dynamite has their big Mega Holiday Humble Bundle available now here and to help promote it, they've sent over a digital copy of Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #1 by Bill Willingham and Sergio Fernandez Davila This book not only reimagines Dynamite's characters in a new way, but it also is the set up to the[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Legenderry #4
This is the Bill Willingham and Sergio Fernandez Davila series Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure Issue five is hitting shops today and we gave you an exclusive extended preview of it last night Well here you can read the fourth issue in it's entirety. For more on the series, click here. Remember last week when we were[...]
Preview Of Legenderry #3 And The New Retailer Incentive Plan
Dynamite Entertainment is rolling out a new Retailer Incentive plan to help increase the sale on their Bill Willingham penned hit series Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure. With the third issue they are doing two Final Order Cutoff promotions. FOC Promotion #1: Retailers whose FOC orders of Legenderry #3 [any combination] exceed 90% of their orders for Legenderry #2[...]
Diamond Shorts Retailers On Twilight Zone And Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure
Looking ahead to next week… Have you been eagerly waiting for the new Twilight Zone series from Dynamite Entertainment? Looking forward to see what J Michael Straczynski and Guiu Vilanova have in store for fans of the Rod Serling 1959 creation? What about Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure by Fables creator Bill Willingham and Sergio Fernandez Davila as they take Dynamite's characters and mix[...]
Bill Willingham Goes Steampunk With Dynamite Characters
The seven issues series for Dynamite Entertainment launches in January and will feature art by Sergio Fernandez Davila and covers by Joe Benitez (Lady Mechanika). "This is a story where I get to have my cake and eat it too," says Bill Willingham.  "I get to work with some of my favorite characters from comic books, prose,[...]