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Dan DiDio Has a New Job in the DC Universe
He was, however, allowed to keep writing his Metal Men comic book until its planned end with its twelfth issue, drawn by the rather excellent  Shane Davis Today's Metal Men #7, however, indicates that both Dan DiDio – and DC Comics editorial – at least have a sense of humour about the whole affair As[...]
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A new series following after that by former publisher Dan Didio and Earth One Superman artist Shane Davis himself, but we didn't see much of them Heroes In Crisis #9 also featured a confession to camera, Will Magnus' testimonial to Sanctuary, saying 'I created her And I'm… I love her.' Which suggests he may be talking about[...]
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Last November, Bleeding Cool reported on comic book creator Shane Davis asking retailers and art dealers not to buy 74 pages of original artwork that had been taken from him Davis is the current artist on Metal Men written by Dan Didio, as well as artist on the Superman Earth One graphic novels written by[...]
Dan DiDio and Shane Davis to Finish Metal Men With #12
But he wasn't just DC Publisher, he was also the writer of the series Metal Men, drawn by Shane Davis Issue 5 has just been published by DC Comics – but what else is to come? Well, artist on the series Shane Davis, has kept everyone up to date. Had a good talk today with Dan about[...]
Separated At Birth: Roll The Dice
Shane Davis is the artist of Metal Men, Superman: Earth One and currently in massive dispute with someone who is trying to sell his original art to people in car parks Maybe he may have found a potential buyer? Posting his recent cover from Red Hood & The Outlaws #32… And this cover from Patrick Gleason[...]
New Gods Special #1 Review- A Good Tribute To The King
The first, written and pencilled by Shane Davis, is a tale of Orion, Lightray, and the Forager Kalibak has invaded New Genesis on Desaad's orders, and he is building an energy pit to destroy the planet in the realm of the Bugs on the surface of the planet It's up to Orion, half-brother to Kalibak[...]
Shane Davis Did Get His Dex-Starr Plush Toy! Or At Least His Neighbours Did…
The fitting end to a wonderful Christmas story. Shane Davis expressed his disdain that all DC freelancers and staffers got a Dex-Starr plush toy from DC Comics for Christmas but not him, given that he created the Red Lantern character and based Dex-Starr on his own cat. We then unearthed further disdain about the very existence of[...]
Why Axcend Could Be One Of The Most Talked About Comics This Year
Axcend is a new superhero series by Shane Davis and Michelle Deleck publiched by Image Comics, selling itself as a teen drama, living with the death of a loved one, gaming, school, poor parental relationships in a world with a slightly higher tech level An entertaining comic, certainly, but not one that has set the world[...]
NYCC '15: Artists Discuss Process At The Image Comics: Where Creators Own Craft Panel
By Madeline Ricchiuto Jason Latour, Bob Fingerman, Wes Craig, Matt Wilson, and Shane Davis held the Image: Where Creators Own Craft panel on Sunday at NYCC 2015 Matt Wilson talked about his coloring process, Bob Fingerman discussed his overlapped-lettering choices as well as the coloring on Minimum Wage, Shane Davis discussed his art on Axcend and the[...]
Shane Davis Brings Axcend To Image Comics – Talking Shop
Superman: Earth One artist Shane Davis is launching a creator-owned series called Axcend through Image I got a chance to talk with the artist about doing creator-owned work as well as taking on the writing chores for the new series and working with his wife, artist Michelle Delecki. DAN WICKLINE: Let's start off with the obvious question:[...]
Shane Davis's Axcend Shakes Its Booty…
Shane Davis has been sending out some neat promotional gubbins ahead of the release of his new Image comic book, Axcend, which is already playing havoc with my spellchecker It doesn't like "gubbins" either to be fair Or, indeed "spellchecker" Maybe I should turn it off again Ignorance is bliss. Anyway, here is what just turned up[...]
Legendary Comics Deals With Random House Over New Graphic Novels From Judd Winick, Geoff Shaw, Jonathan Hennessey, Shane Davis, Brandon Seifert And Eric Battle
Legendary will continue to work with Diamond in the direct market. In addition to distribution, Penguin Random House will provide sales, production, and publishing services. A Town Called Dragon: Writer: Judd Winick Artist: Geoff Shaw Modern-day America and ancient mythology collide when the last dragon egg finally hatches, and an ordinary group of citizens must unite to defeat it. Coming in[...]
Mark Waid Talks To Bleeding Cool About His Upcoming Legendary Book Shadow Walk
With both Waid and Max Brooks writing,  Shane Davis as artist, and Mark Morales as colorist, the series features a very real Valley of Death near modern day Iraq that has scientists and theologians puzzled It's time to break out your Bibles and brace yourself for a collision with science fiction, and maybe even a[...]