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The Shanghai Dragons Take Stage 3 In The 2019 Overwatch League
Well… that's a headline I didn't think I'd be writing this year, as the Shanghai Dragons have conquered Stage 3 of the Overwatch League Over the past few days, the league has been holding the brackets for the Stage 3 playoffs at the Blizzard Arena The Dragons managed to overcome the biggest threat in the[...]
The Streak Is Over! Shanghai Dragons Win a Match in Overwatch League
The longest losing streak in esports history has finally been broken, as the Shanghai Dragons finally won a match in the Overwatch League For those of you not aware, the Dragons ended the inaugural season of the league setting a world record in esports with the worst win-loss record in history, finishing at 0-40[...]
The Shanghai Dragons Finish Overwatch League With a 0-40 Record
It may not be their finest moment, but the Overwatch League just set a new esports record with the Shanghai Dragons this week Usually, when a new league or tournament or round-robin starts up, you expect some teams to do better than others, and some to do worse than others After losing their match on June[...]
Several Shanghai Dragons Players Working On Visas For Overwatch League
When the word got out that the highly skilled Zarya player Kim "Geguri" Seyeon would be joining the Shanghai Dragons int he Overwatch League, making her the first and only woman in the league to join, people saw it as an amazing sign and hope for the 0-10 Dragons Unfortunately, you may be waiting a little[...]
Geguri has Joined The Overwatch League's Shanghai Dragons
Naturally, a lot of players weren't having it. Looks like all of that has finally gotten through and Geguri has been signed to the Shanghai Dragons according to the latest report by ESPN. Last we heard, just yesterday that is, Geguri would be joining one of the Overwatch League teams, but didn't say which However, sources have[...]
Overwatch League Has A Pair Of Personnel Issues This Week
The two biggest stories coming out of the Overwatch League this week have to deal with player and personnel issues, one from the Dallas Fuel and the other from the Shanghai Dragons We'll start with the Fuel who, according to ESPN, benched Felix "xQc" Lengyel and put him down as "deactivated" against their match against the[...]