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Billy Eichner Parks and Rec

Billy Eichner Joins Disney's Female Santa Claus Film 'Nicole'

It will also star Bill Hader and Shirley MacLaine It will be written and directed by Marc Lawrence. Eichner is a very talented and funny guy I love his show Billy On The Street He was great on Parks and Recreation, and he is currently creeping me out on American Horror Story: Cult[...]

Lauren Looks Back: That Time Khrushcev Got Banned From Disneyland

He visited the 20th Century Fox Studio, met Shirley MacLaine, and Frank Sinatra, was delighted by all the things he saw.. and then he visited an LA town hall 20th Century Fox President, Spyros P Skouras, was poking the bear - if you will - by saying LA would not back down to communism, and[...]

Kathryn Hahn Joining Ben Stiller For New Walter Mitty Movie

She joins Stiller, who has the title role as well as the director's chair, and Shirley MacLaine who is playing their mother Kristen Wiig and Adam Scott are also in the cast and, yep, that's one heck of a funny crowd.Here's hoping the film lives up to the talent, not to mention the source material,[...]

Richard Linklater Casting Bernie, Fargo-Like Crime Story

They say: Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine will be arriving in Texas this fall to shoot a dark comedy about a relationship in a small East Texas town between a fussy, but beloved assistant funeral home director and the town’s domineering grande dame. Fargo; Jack Black being fussy; Shirley MacLaine being dominerring; black comedy[...]