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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Turkey Day Marathon On November 25th
Watch The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire via the Shout! Factory TV app Picture it…it's turkey day, better known as American Thanksgiving, and you're sitting down for a marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 What? Would you rather have to listen to that one uncle babble on about the[...]
Kamen Rider Zero-One, Ryuki Coming To North America From Shout Factory
Shout! Factory has closed a deal to distribute all eras of the show, both on their streaming channels and physical media This includes the series Zero-One and Ryuki The show, one of the most popular kid's shows in Japan, follows the exploits of a masked, motorcycle-riding hero who fights the forces of evil This continues[...]
The Gambler (CBS) TV Movie, 1980 Directed by Dick Lowry Shown from left: Kenny Rogers (as The Gambler), Bruce Boxleitner
Shout! Factory continues buying up the rights to decent chunks of our 80's and 90's television childhoods, announcing on Tuesday that the multimedia company has secured a multiyear, worldwide distribution deal for the late Grammy Award-winning Country music legend Kenny Rogers' 10 films (including the five films in "The Gambler" television film series) As part[...]
That 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' Documentary Just Got Picked Up by Shout!
We are SO pleased to report that SHOUT! Studios has picked up the worldwide rights for Ira Steven Behr's documentary about Star Trek: Deep Space Nice, What We Left Behind. What We Left Behindis co-directed by DS9 showrunner Behr and David Zappone (For The Love of Spock) It boasts some of the most in-depth interviews with cast and[...]