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Graveneye: TKO Previews New Horror Graphic Novel for Halloween
It's clear that author Sloane Leong identifies deeply with Ilsa, making her a stand-in for the artist with an uncompromising vision as well as an allegory for the LGBTQ outsider Unfortunately, the story also becomes predictable and tedious The outcome of the story is heavily telegraphed Not a lot really happens in the story since[...]
Graveneye: TKO Previews New Horror Graphic Novel for Halloween
Publisher TKO is entering Halloween season with the release of the new horror graphic novel, GRAVENEYE, by acclaimed creator Sloane Leong and artist Anna Bowles Pre-orders are available now at TKO's website. Graveneye cover art courtesy of TKO Studios GRAVENEYE By Sloane Leong & Anna Bowles On Sale: November 30, 2021 Trade Paperback ISBN:  9781952203176 | Price: $19.99 eBook ASIN: 9781952203480[...]
Dark Horse To Publish Sequel To Image Comics' Prism Stalker
Prism Stalker was a comic book series by Sloane Leong, published by Image Comics in 2018 and on the New York Public Library's Best Books of 2018, Paste Magazine's 25 Best Books of 2018 and the AV Club's Favourite Comics of 2018. Far from the border of colonized space, a newly discovered planet teems violently with strange[...]
SDCC: Color Design in Today's Top Comics
In all instances, Villarrubia is inspired by either the original source material, if that exists for the title he is working on, and/or by the works of fine artists. Attention grabbing color combinations that contrast conventional mixtures describes Sloane Leong's color strategy Her method is to use flat solid colors for the background then accent with[...]