TV Deals Set for Brian Haberlin and David Hine's Sonata and The Marked Comics

Brian Haberlin co-writer on Sonata and co-writer/artist on The Marked comic book series from Image Comics, posted the following news: Television deals set for Sonata and The Marked… both with amazing places! I wish I could say more and with whom but can't just yet. Don't worry, Brian, that's more than enough. Sonata, by Brian […]

Sonata Sets Up a Dynamic New World

Sonata Sets Up a Beautiful New World Under Threat of War

Image Comics' newest fantasy series Sonata has a cover striking enough to garner worthwhile interest alone, with heavy brush-stroked background emulating the wings of the Thermasaur gracing the jacket of this primary release.  Artist and writer Brian Haberlin (co-creator of Witchblade) teams up once again with David Hine (Spawn) to put together an extraordinary world […]