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Comic Book Workers United
Sarandis, Justine Salas, Hae-Lin Choi, Ezra Taylor, Jerome Gonyeau, Chris Sotomayor, Nichole David, Sydney Breakfield, Christopher Hastings, Emilee Ann Wasiewski, Katherine Sullivan, Beatrice K, Allison Johnson, Nathan Stryker, Alex Goldman, Justin Azevedo, Bixby Harper, Phoenix Hall, rebis, Joel Thomas, Andy Marshall, Emily Tyhurst, kynya, Carmen Chan, Angela, Nathan Astle, Casey, Arrison Warner, Pfeiffer Strom, Katey[...]
Opinion: The Golden Girls Gave Us More Than Laughs And Cheesecake
The independent nature of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia are noteworthy because they weren't afraid to turn to one another when they needed or wanted to Showcasing the importance of addressing socially relevant topics, these characters were truly golden in how much they taught viewers like me about the niche issues in society. Promo image of[...]
Golden Girls Geeki Tikis Available Now Form Toynk
Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia will all be available from Toynk starting on March 24th Each mug will hold 16 oz of liquid, except Blanche, who will hold 17 oz because of course, and Dorothy, who will hold 18 oz They will retail for $25.99 each. I gotta say, this explosion of Tiki mugs these last[...]
Golden Girls Action Figures Coming in May From NECA
All four main characters have their own figure- Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose These will be in the 8 inch scale and are retro-Mego style figures It seems a little weird that these are not a box set as well, but NECA knows what it is doing Sophia is the only one who comes with[...]