Segal's Superheroes In Suburbia

Gregg Staples exhibition, Super Heroes At Home is being exhibited again at Chelsea Markets in New York. A series of photos taken by Gregg of people who perform in superhero costume, when they get home.  Here's a small selection…    

The Great Ultimate Death Of Spider-Man Bait And Switch

The current Ultimate books before the relaunch, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Ultimates Vs New Avengers have been running a multipart crossover storyline The Death Of Spider-Man. Which as everyone knows by now, results in the death of Spider-Man. But it's a crock. Or rather the multi-part storyline is, rather. At the beginning we […]

Peter David Writes New Spider-Man Game, "Edge Of Time"

One of these days people will make convention announcements at the convention itself. Until then, Spider-Man: Edge Of Time developed by Beenix will use both Spider-Man and the Spider-Man 2099 character to fix the timeline after the death of Peter Parker.. Possibly with time webbing, I'm not sure. And the game narrative is written by […]