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He's Lance Catamaran." On Catamaran's backstory as a news anchor in Utica New York who feels SRW isn't living up to the professional standards of broadcasting he's used to: The reason I chose Utica was because Ithica college has a wonderful broadcast program Nobody tells you this, but once again, you get out of it what you put[...]
WWE Debuts New Old Wrestling Show On Today: SRW – Southpaw Regional Wrestling
Check out the teasers for SRW below: Later today on… #SRW #Southpaw — WWE (@WWE) March 17, 2017 Are you ready for #Southpaw Regional Wrestling TODAY on #SRW — WWE (@WWE) March 17, 2017 In an interview with Fox Sports, WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Luke Gallows, whose character Sex Ferguson is rumored to appear on[...]