WWE Debuts New Old Wrestling Show On WWE.com Today: SRW – Southpaw Regional Wrestling


There's a new professional wrestling show debuting today on WWE.com. And it's an old wrestling show. Or at least, it's a parody of an old wrestling show, featuring WWE's current wrestlers playing characters in a 1980s territorial wrestling promotion. Check out the teasers for SRW below:

In an interview with Fox Sports, WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Luke Gallows, whose character Sex Ferguson is rumored to appear on the show, sheds some light on this topic:

Southpaw Regional Wrestling is a concept of this … basically 1980s southern regional wrestling promotion or territory, and it's a lot of stuff that the guys have been doing for years backstage to entertain each other. I know my character in particular has been an ongoing thing for the better part of a decade.

It was really us getting to kind of take the gloves off and use our… comedic style, if there is one. You'll get the chance to judge for yourself, but you'll see a lot of people step outside of the realm of what you've seen them do, character-wise, and as in-ring performers as a part of WWE. So it's kind of a chance for everybody to let their hair down. I didn't get to because I don't have any, but everybody else. And we had a blast doing it, man. That thing drops tomorrow. I just watched the teaser myself, I was trying to get them to shoot me a link but they won't do it.

When the show goes live, we'll let you know.


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