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"I Owe Hollywood An Apology" – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Comics are the only source the History Of Static Shock, material not given its due by Hollywood A rare single card (term for credits on screen) is pretty much the best credit we see outside of the comics industry. "Road To Perdition is from a comic book? GET OUT OF HERE!" That was the response from[...]
I Am Static – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Needless to say at the core of any real pop culture movement are its fans, and Milestone's fans take their Milestone seriously. I was counting on that when two weeks ago I wrote a satirical piece called Static Shock Comes To The Big Screen I "revealed" a big screen version of Static Shock was in the[...]
Static Shock Comes To The Big Screen
Michael Davis writes, I'm so happy I can hardly breath! Static Shock! The character created by Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, Christopher Priest, Dwayne McDuffie and myself is on its way the big screen!! Soon and I mean VERY SOON, Virgil, Richie and Sharon will be given their long overdo due on the big screen! I'm ecstatic, delighted, and[...]
Blood On The Tracks: Where Are The New Black Comics Writers?
With the cancellation of two of their titles, 100% of African-American DC writers, Eric Wallace and Marc Bernardin* of Mister Terrific and Static Shock, respectively, were laid off. 100 percent. Two writers. Both of them. Let that sink in; in one day, 100% of black writers working for a major entertainment corporation were let go Neither has worked for[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – Static Shock To Cyborg
Like these folk did. Static Shock – Jabarr Lasley Amazing Spider Man – Adam R  ( Photographer – Anna R Leah and Loki – Aigue-Marine ( & LilPrince ( Photographer – Carlos Adama Geek Photography ( Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker (Dr[...]
John Rozum Talks Milestone, Static, The New 52 And Xombi (UPDATE)
what's going on with Milestone, the publishing company/imprint that used to have a line through DC Comics, got further into bed with DC, then saw promises and expectations dashed – with Static Shock in the New 52 encountering all manner of problems before cancellation? I don't know for certain, but I'm guessing, and hoping, that DC[...]
The Final Static Shock Motion Trailer
Just consider it closure. Scott McDaniel's motion trailer for Static Shock #8, published by DC Comics on Wednesday By Marc Benandis, Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: STATIC SHOCK #8 ( Don't look at it as a comic book being cancelled[...]
Scott McDaniel Tells His Side Of The Static Shock Story
John Rozum recently talked about his problems as writer of Static Shock, citing that he was hardly writing the book, the actual work being split between artist Scott McDaniel and editor Harvey Richards, which is why he chose to walk off the book with issue 4, not wanting his name to be associated with work[...]
Static Shock #6: The Motion Comic Book Trailer
Static Shock has been one of the most… let's go with "controversial"… comic at DC right now, after John Rozum spoke out about his decision to leave the book And now, the book has been cancelled with issue 8 But it's not going down without a fight Here's a trailer to the sixth issue, published[...]
John Rozum Speaks Out Over Creative And Editorial Differences On Static Shock
The book's artist Scott McDaniel is credited for writing the subsequent two issues before Marc Bernadin was lined up for the final two comics in the series. Today, in the comments on a piece by Danny Donovan lamenting the cancellation of Static Shock, John Rozum wrote; Static definitely had the best potential of all DC Superheroes of[...]
New DCU Static Shock #4 Trailer From Scott McDaniel
Maybe this kind of thing might help that? Artist Scott McDaniel's trailer to the new arc, starting in Static Shock #4… still written by John Rozum, before Scott takes over the writing from issue 5. It's not one of the more higher profile of the New DCU books Maybe this kind of thing might help[...]
Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen DC New 52 #3 Comics – Action Comics, Animal Man, Stormwatch, Detective Comics, Green Arrow, OMAC, Men Of War, Batwing, Red Lanterns, Hawk And Dove, Static Shock, Swamp Thing and Justice League International
Marvel?   Static Shock #3 Forget Starfire, Virule is a very horny alien who is just desperate to give it up As well as the facts of life alien style, this book also gives us planning, plotting, clever kid who knows who he is, and what he's about – and what everyone else is about too[...]
Tuesday Comics Reviews: Stormwatch, Batgirl, Batwing, Animal Man, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Men Of War, Swamp Thing, JLI, Green Arrow, OMAC, Hawk & Dove, Static Shock
Will you be one? Static Shock #1 by John Rozum, Scott McDaniel While Action Comics #1 may show Superman with Spider-Man tendencies, this is the book that has the greatest injection of Ditko/Lee Teenager, albeit one with a nuclear family, nevertheless finds himself drawn between responsibilities, doing his utmost best and showing real intelligence while doing so,[...]