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Anchorman: Judd Apatow Reveals Bizarre Original Plot
Adam McKay shifted his comedy over the years creating lovable buffoon characters to the point of caricatures in films like Anchorman (2004), Talladega Nights (2006), and Step Brothers (2008) (all films featuring Will Ferrell) to progressive, populist like The Big Short (2015) then Vice (2018) The director spoke to the New York Times about trying[...]
Netflix adds in June include tons of films and tv shows.
You can check out the full list leaving Netflix in April and how long you have to watch them below. Netflix Departures for April 2020 Leaving April 4 American Odyssey Leaving April 8 Movie 43 Leaving April 15 21 & Over Leaving April 16 Lost Girl: Season 1-5 Leaving April 17 Big Fat Liar Leaving April 19 The Longest Yard Leaving April 24 The Ugly Truth Leaving April 29 National Treasure Leaving April[...]