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WandaVision: Jac Schaeffer on Scrapped Darcy and Jimmy Backstories
But that doesn't mean we don't have an update on the WandaVision front- courtesy of actor/director Stephen Ford (Teen Wolf, SIXERS) Earlier this week, Ford confirmed that he had completed his pitch for a Dr Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and Agent James "Jimmy" Woo (Randall Park) spinoff series (more on how Ford got to this point[...]
Stephen Ford Has Really Unique Format For Potential Jimmy Woo TV Show
At the end of last month, short film director Stephen Ford posted an appeal on Twitter after watching WandaVision, with Randall Park playing FBI Agent Jimmy Woo "Hear me out: An entire Disney+ show about Jimmy Woo just working weird cases in the MCU Like a fun X-Files Make it happen." And it went all[...]
wandavision - Kat Dennings and Randall Park
Since their full introduction in last week's episode "We Interrupt This Program" (though both characters had developed a cult following based n their past respective film appearances), Lewis and Woo have seen their popularity grow by leaps and bounds. WandaVision _ Disney+ 0-21 screenshot At the end of January, actor/director Stephen Ford (Teen Wolf, SIXERS) took to[...]