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Steve Bell, Under Fire, for Latest Guardian Cartoon
Earlier this year, a Labour MP posted in disgust that Steve Bell was being dropped by the Guardian newspaper over accusations of racism and anti-Semitism in his cartoons Which was news to Steve Bell, who has been regular cartoonist at the Guardian since I was a toddler Instead, Bell cited already announced staff cuts at[...]
Steve Bell On Maybe Continuing At The Guardian Newspaper
Steve Bell, 2016 Labour Party Conference Last week, Bleeding Cool reported on former Labour MP Chris Williamson's claims that longstanding political cartoonist Steve Bell had been sacked from the Guardian newspaper because his views were too out of kilter for the newspaper This was picked up by a number of political websites who proceeded to claim[...]
Guardian Newspaper Drops Cartoonist Steve Bell After 40 Years
I grew up tracing Steve Bell cartoons His cartoon strip in The Guardian newspaper 'If…' was what I turned to first in the paper my parents bought twice a week Collections at birthdays helped me catch up with what I missed His Margaret Thatcher was my Margaret Thatcher, eventually, his John Major was my John[...]
The British Political Cartoonist Awards 2014
Mostly in The Guardian, which meant Gary Trudeau and Steve Bell I used to copy, trace Bell constantly, and my Margaret Thatcher is, well, his Margaret Thatcher My John Major was his John Major And everyone's Tony Blair is his Tony Blair. And last night he won for the best political cartoon of the year[...]
Ed Miliband As Charles Atlas, Hero Of Brighton Beach
Steve Bell uses the classic Charles Atlas comic strip ad to portray Labour Party leader and Leader Of The Opposition, Ed Miliband, at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton for the Guardian newspaper As he says in the video below, "Apologies to Charles Atlas… and the unnamed person who drew the strip!" Unnamed indeed… [...]
It's Cartoon War!
Scarfe later apologised saying he was unaware of the day, and both the editor of the paper and publisher Rupert Murdoch have also apologised – a rare event indeed. Stephen Pollard of the Jewish Chronicle and Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell got into it on BBC Radio 4's The Today Programme today Pollard called the cartoon blood[...]
And Finally… When Prince Charles Does Judge Dredd
From The Guardian newspaper, celebrated cartoonist Steve Bell's take on Prince Charles being asked him to approve planning and construction laws that might affect the the Duchy Of Cornwall estate (home of Duchy's Original biscuits) that provides an income for him… From The Guardian newspaper, celebrated cartoonist Steve Bell's take on Prince Charles being asked[...]