Stoneforge Mystic

Spanish Team Takes MagicFest Ghent &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

Spanish Team Takes MagicFest Ghent! – "Magic: The Gathering"

Magic: the Gathering is such a popular game that a good number of competitive venues operate at any given time. Relative to the United States, this past weekend saw a number of tournaments being hosted both globally and domestically. As of yesterday's MagicFest event at the Flanders Expo in Ghent, Belgium, the newest champions are […]

Playing In A New Golden Age of Magic: The Gathering

Playing In A New Golden Age of "Magic: The Gathering"

From banning Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Faithless Looting to including the infamous Stoneforge Mystic, Modern has been shaken up to a degree that.. Might be beneficial to Magic as a whole?Hear me out, just for a second or two What I'm about to say might put things into a much more positive light.[caption id="attachment_1084853" align="aligncenter"[...]

Necropolis Falls Modern Breathes Anew &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

"Necropolis" Falls, Modern Breathes Anew – "Magic: The Gathering"

The card is easily capable of enabling graveyard-based strategies similar to Hogaak, and as such, mostly seems to have been banned as a failsafe for the future.However, in addition to these bans, the infamous Stoneforge Mystic has been unbanned, leaving speculators to wonder whether or not this Modern Magic shakeup will mean the card sees play[...]