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Building The LEGO Death Star Part 3-This Battle Station Is Fully Operational
The troopers are cool, the Han Stormtrooper figure and R2-D2 are just as good as all the other releases Every single mini-fig is this set is pretty awesome Placing them into the various scenes and changing them up all the time is going to be so much fun I placed them for picture purposes now. #gallery-4[...]
Building The LEGO Death Star Part 1- Heavy Boxes And Missing Pieces
The Stormtrooper helmets have a nice shine to them, and the faces on these figures seem more detailed to me than normal, maybe I am crazy, but they really look better than in regular release sets The farmboy Luke is the standout to me here, it is just such an iconic look and the hairpiece[...]
An Old Star Wars Joke Becomes A Recruitment Video For The Police
The idea of a Stormtrooper on a firing range may be one of the funniest ideas I've heard in a long time And a nice cameo by Darth Vader. They say there is another video showing the first attempt… but as I scanned through their Facebook page, I came across them doing the mannequin challenge[...]
A Porcelain Patterned Stormtrooper Figure
Hot Toys has unveiled a limited edition Stormtrooper figure that will likely never be seen on the big screen Judging by the below description, it seems this may be the first of many cultural design variants coming in the future This Porcelain Pattern version is an homage to the blue and white porcelain design that[...]
A Blinged Out Stormtrooper – Special Gold Chrome Edition
It's a Hot Toys / Sideshow convention exclusive Gold Chrome Edition Stormtrooper Now it doesn't say which convention this is exclusive to or if they only take these to conventions until their gone… but it does say you can only get these on the Sideshow website or Shanghai Downtown Disney And even on their website there[...]
SDCC '15: Star Wars Fever Causes Chaos At Hasbro Booth
We have two reports of the events that took place as the convention began. Joe Glass logged the following report about trying to get a Stormtrooper figure from the Hasbro booth: Getting in a little before the show started for the Preview night of San Diego Comic Con, I found myself wandering the halls a little early,[...]
Aren't You A Little Famous For A Stormtrooper
This may be a bit spoiler-ish so I'll give you a chance to leave now before I actually say what it is… I'll even throw up a picture of a stop sign… Okay… if you're still here… In a red carpet interview with The Sun, Star Trek and Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg let slip[...]
New Trooper Related Images From Star Wars: Episode VII
A few new photos from the set of Star Wars Episode VII have leaked and this time we get a look at two different Stormtrooper helmets thanks to So let me do the standard spoiler warning just in case. We need to jazz up the spoiler warning… I might have to fire up Photoshop and[...]
Zombie Star Wars In Time For Halloween
The folks over at have done just that by matching the Zombie craze with the love of Star Wars and getting…. But they did more than just come up with the costumes, they even came up with the story to go with it. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Episode XX REVENGE OF THE STIFFS Many years[...]
C2E2: Cosplay – Alex Wilson, Taylor Ramsey And Kate Kotler Hit The Floor
Alex Wilson begins our C2E2 cosplay journey with a TikiStormtrooper… Taylor Ramsey writes; This year's C2E2 had a really eclectic batch of costumes ranging from outstanding to outstandingly awful Zombies are big again and Time Lords too, with some really creative costumes While there were many that should really just get an A for effort, some of[...]