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New Horror And Fantasy Bundle From Dynamite Expires At Year's End
Looks like there is a new Dynamite / Storybundle kicking off this morning… and with this being a particularly slow week at comics shops, you might be able to get your comic fix at a big savings. You can get over 2,500 pages of horror and fantasy-inspired stories with the "Pay What You Want" model that lets readers[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Vampirella #6 By Nancy Collins And Patrick Berkenkotter
Dynamite Entertainment has a digital bundle with Storybundle going on during the holidays called Thrills and Chills and features: Game of Thrones, Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Dresden Files, Alice Cooper, Dead Irons, Re-Animator and more Vampirella is part of the bundle and here is the sixth issue of the second volume done by Nancy A[...]
Free on Bleeding Cool – Lady Demon #1 by Aaron Gillespie and Mirka Andolfo
Dynamite Entertainment has launched a new digital bundle with Storybundle, this time called Thrills and Chills and features: Game of Thrones, Evil Ernie, Vampirella, Dresden Files, Alice Cooper, Dead Irons, Re-Animator and more Plus the Lady Demon series which we have the first issue of below by Aaron Gillespie and Mirka Andolfo Cover art by[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – The Shadow #7 By Gischler And Herbert
As Dynamite's latest Noir Themed Storybundle begins coming to a close, the publisher has sent over another issue of The Shadow to entice you to check out the deal Here we have The Shadow #7 by writer Victor Gischler and artist Jack Herbert The cover art was done by Alex Ross. The Shadow is known for[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Doc Savage #6 By Chris Roberson And Bilquis Evely
With Dynamite's Pulp-themed Storybundle concluding in a few days, we have the sixth issue of Chris Roberson and Biliquis Evely's run on Doc Savage for you to read for free The Doc Savage Omnibus is one of the bonus items that has been unlocked as part of the storybundle Check it out before time runs[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – The Shadow #1 By Garth Ennis And Aaron Campbell
To go along with their Mystery! Masks! Dynamite Pulps! promotion over on Storybundle, Dynamite has sent over the first issue of Garth Ennis and Aaron Campbell's run on The Shadow. 1938: The Shadow returns in a tale of blazing action and deadly intrigue, as a night of carnage on the New York waterfront plunges the mysterious[...]
Dynamite Bundles Their Pulp Titles For Charity
Dynamite Entertainment is once again teaming up with StoryBundle, this time allowing readers to purchase over 1,500 pages worth of Pulp-inspired stories with the "Pay What You Want" purchasing price beginning at $5.00 during its Mystery! Masks! Dynamite Pulps! Promotion  A portion of the proceeds will be contributed to two charitable organizations, the Comic Book Legal[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Twilight Zone #6 By Straczynski And Vilanova
But when one of those visions involves a mushroom cloud rising over the city, Diana must choose between saving her own life, and risking it all to save millions. The Twilight Zone is one of the series being offered as part of the current digital comic collection at To help celebrate the 4th of July, Dynamite[...]
Jason Chen Talks About Digital Bundling And How StoryBundle Is Different
With StoryBundle doing their new Dynamite Graphic Novel bundle, I thought it would be a good idea to chat with StoryBundle's founder Jason Chen and find out just how the whole thing got started and how they differ from some of the other bundle programs that are out there. Bleeding Cool: Let's start off with the[...]
Dynamite Bring Graphic Novels To StoryBundle
Dynamite is teaming up with StoryBundle, the literature bundling site known for its support of indie authors, for a new graphic novel promotion that offers over 4,000 pages of Dynamite stories at the pay-what-you-like option starting at $5.00 A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Army Of Darkness #1 Ash In Space
But nothing has prepared him for this! Catapulted into the depths of space, Ash must confront the Deadit's in a place where no one can hear his screams… or his chainsaw… or his boomstick! What do the forces of the evil dead want with the International Space Station? Whatever it is, Ash embarks on his[...]
New Digital Comic Bundle To Raise Money For Girls Write Now And CBLDF
Now there is StoryBundle that specializes in independent authors and now, like the others, are going to do a digital comic bundle and first up is Dynamite Entertainment. This particular bundle allows you to pay what you want starting at $5.00 and offers close to 100 digital comics with a portion of the proceeds going to[...]