Twitch Announces A New Affiliates Program

  Twitch has continued to demonstrate their commitment to being the best place for content creators. This latest move, its new Affiliate Program, invites non-partnered qualifying creators to earn revenue through on- platform tools previously only available to Twitch partnered creators. The Affiliate Program will soon launch worldwide. "Twitch is built upon looking to our content creators with […]


Twitch Will Soon Offer New Subscription Levels

Twitch, the leading streaming service, recently rolled out an announcement about their new subscription levels. Alongside the current $4.99 option, partnered content creators will have new $9.99 and $24.99 subscription levels that will allow viewers to offer additional levels of support. "Subscriptions are a defining part of the Partnership program since it enables fans to show appreciation for […]

If You're Going To Get 65% Off Comic Subscriptions, Do It Now

The other day, Bleeding Cool ran an article on getting discount subscriptions on regular monthly comics from Marvel and DC through ebates. Well, the Magazines extra 40% discount has just been upped to 45% for its final day. So if you want your $3.99 Ultimate Spider-Man comics for $1.38 (including digital codes) within days of […]

Nightwing To Be Replaced By Grayson, And A New Teen Titans For The New 52

Breaking news can come from pretty much anywhere in the comic book industry. But with DC Comics it generally tends to be an official statement given to a media organisation, whether specific like CBR and Newsarama or general, like USA Today. If not that, then a leak, such as the Five Years Later information we […]

Would You Buy Detective Comics For Eight Cents A Copy?

You probably can't expect mint copies. But if you want to read new DC comics legally for a third or a quarter of the price of print and digital, and don't mind a few creases, bumps, or lumps from the postal service, Tanga are running their discount DC subscription deals again. $2.99 and $3.99 comics, […]

Wednesday Trending Topics: DC Unsubbed

A bit of a puzzler in the top slot, which picked up steam during the day.  Everybody likes Aquaman. But: Which means Justice League International readers will miss the final two issues of that comic, and unless they object, will receive issues of Superman instead. And subscribers to Aquaman will be switched to Justice League (and […]

The Great Wizard And Toyfare Subscription Scandal Of 2011

Bleeding Cool broke the news that Wizard was cancelled last month, and the final issue shipped the other week. It came as a suprise to staff members and readers alike. It came as an even bigger surprise to those who had just subscribed to the magazines. And wondered where their subscription dollars would go. I […]