Twitch Will Be Implementing Local Subscription Pricing Soon

Twitch will soon be introducing a local subscription pricing system soon so people from around the globe can sub for cheap. In a brand new post today, the company revealed that they will be helping people outside the U.S. make their subscriptions more affordable. The short version: $5 for a sub in the U.S. can actually be a pretty penny in a lot of other places in the world based on how the economy works in their country. So rather than forcing everyone to operate at our standard, they will be making it so you can adjust what it costs in your area to what you feel is fair for your channel. You can read more about the plan below.

Twitch Will Be Implementing Local Subscription Pricing Soon
Credit: Twitch

Over the next few months, we'll be adjusting the price of subscriptions (existing subs, new paid subs, and gift subs) in most countries to better align with their local cost of living. First up will be Mexico and Turkey on May 20, 2021, which are home to creators and viewers who have been passionate about this change for quite some time.

Mexico and Turkey will be followed by most countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe starting in Q3 2021. This gradual rollout will help the community adjust more smoothly to such an impactful change. We'll continue to update the community as we ready more countries and regions for the price change rollout.

The most important thing to take away here is that subscription prices in the vast majority of countries outside of the US will be lowered. For a full list of impacted countries, go here. A viewer's subscription price will be based on where they live and have set up their Twitch payment method. We have designed this pricing model to ensure that prices are appropriately set for viewers, wherever they live. For creators this means that some viewers in their channels may see different prices.

This change will make it easier for creators everywhere to grow their communities, while making it more affordable for viewers to show their support and access subscriber benefits like ad-free viewing (when enabled by the creator), custom channel emotes, sub tenure badges, Channel Point multipliers, and sub-only chat mode.

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