Twitch Announces A New Affiliates Program



Twitch has continued to demonstrate their commitment to being the best place for content creators. This latest move, its new Affiliate Program, invites non-partnered qualifying creators to earn revenue through on- platform tools previously only available to Twitch partnered creators. The Affiliate Program will soon launch worldwide.

"Twitch is built upon looking to our content creators with both large and small communities to learn how we can best serve their needs," said Ethan Evans, SVP of Commerce and Developer Success, Twitch. "With our upcoming Affiliate Program, we will be able to open up a means of support from the community to a whole new class of creators numbering in the tens of thousands."

At launch later this month, Twitch will invite creators to join the program who fit the criteria based on time spent streaming, viewership, and followers. The first monetization tool available to Affiliates is Cheering with Bits, to be followed by additional tools in the coming months.

Cheering is a fun, interactive way for viewers to support creators and celebrate the moments they love with the community by using animated emotes called Bits directly in chat. The program has seen success in its current phase with over 1 billion Bits used to Cheer since launch.

Twitch will further develop both its Affiliate and Partner programs to better support creators at all stages of their development. Affiliates will eventually have access to revenue programs such as Subscriptions, Game Commerce, and Advertising. However, they will not have that access at launch. Changes coming for Partners include specific features that are under development and were designed for nurturing the larger communities they manage.

Partners will also get a new Verified Chat Badge on the same day the Affiliate Program launches.

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