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"Ghost Of Tsushima" Gets An Extended Trailer At The Game Awards
Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sucker Punch Productions have released a new trailer for Ghost Of Tsushima before the game hits the PS4 The game is still shrouded in a ton of mystery as we have seen a lot but learned very little beyond the main story points, which you can read about below You'll be living[...]
The Last Of Us Part 2 Black and White Credit: Naughty Dog
As we begin to see an ease in the global distribution environment, I am pleased to confirm that The Last of Us Part II will arrive on June 19, and Ghost of Tsushima will follow on July 17. I want to personally congratulate and thank both the teams at Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch Productions on their achievements,[...]
"Ghost of Tsushima" Is Getting A Full Trailer at "The Game Awards 2019"
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment Sucker Punch Productions' Ghost of Tsushima lives! Despite it being about a year since we last heard about the samurai-tinged action game, during Sony's PlayStation State of Play, we finally got a brief tease And when I say brief, I'm talking a few seconds' worth of a trailer You can see it[...]