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Super Meat Boy Forever Pushed Back From April 2019 Release
Those of you hoping to see Super Meat Boy Forever come out this month, we've got some bad news as the game has been delayed Team Meat posted the news below letting fans know the game would be pushed back, but not too far back, as they're scrambling to finish it and make sure it's[...]
Super Meat Boy Forever will have Post-Launch DLC
Super Meat Boy Forever will arrive later this year, but at PAX East 2019, we finally learned a bit about the game's upcoming DLC Game designer Tommy Refenes spoke with DualShockers about the planned post-launch support. From DualShockers: Specifically, Refenes shared that "we have some plans for DLC" from developer Team Meat after the game's launch this spring,[...]
Epic Games' Store is Offering Super Meat Boy Totally Free
One of the biggest indie games of the past decade, Super Meat Boy, is currently being given out for free on the Epic Games' store The news kind of came out of nowhere as the studio made the announcement on their Twitter account this week If you have the Epic Games app and have access[...]
Super Meat Boy Forever Slated for an April 2019 Release
Another big reveal from the Kinda Funny Games Showcase today, as Team Meat announced Super Meat Boy Forever is coming in April 2019 It kinda feels like we've been waiting on this one forever as the first time we saw a real demo for it goes all the way back to PAX 2017 But now we know[...]
Check Out The Latest Video Game Releases For January 9-15, 2018
Here's a list of what's coming out this week, remember to choose wisely and as always, have fun! January 9th Little Red Lie (PS4, Vita) Plox Neon (PS4) Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim (PS4) The Count Lucanor (Vita) January 10th Albert and Otto (XB1) Energy Invasion (PS4, Vita) Space Hulk: Ascension (XB1) January 11th Draw A Stickman: EPIC 2 (Switch) Energy Invasion (Switch) Furi (Switch) Happy Drummer (PS4) Jolt Family[...]
Super Meat Boy Will Hit The Nintendo Switch In January
We've been wondering when we would see Super Meat Boy be added to the Nintendo Switch since playing the demo at PAX West at their Nindies event We finally got an answer over the holiday weekend from Team Meat who shared the tweet below January 11th is the official release date for the game, which[...]
You'll Get A Physical Version Of 'Super Meat Boy'… In 2018
While no "official" date has been set for Super Meat Boy's release, we now know two new facts about the game from their Twitter this The first is that the game will come out in 2017, but only digitally If you're looking for a physical copy of the game, you'll need to wait until 2018[...]
Nintendo Switch To Get 'Super Meat Boy Forever' Next Year
Prior to PAX West, a bit of an indie bombshell was dropped during Nintendo's "Nindies" showcase as a new Super Meat Boy game was announced for the Nintendo Switch. Super Meat Boy Forever will be making its way out sometime next year, but prior to that, Team Meat published an official trailer for the game on[...]
Binding Of Isaac Developer Edmund McMillen Is Working On A New Game
Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac designer Edmund McMillen has confirmed that he and programmer Tyler Glaiel have been working on a new project that will be announced sometime in the near future. In an post on The Binding of Isaac's Tumblr outlining the game's upcoming booster content, McMillen teased the new project, saying: on a side note not many of you[...]
Super Meat Boy Developer Reacts To Kids Reacting To Super Meat Boy
But Super Meat Boy developer Tommy Refenes has poked fun at the situation by creating a reaction video to one of the Fine Bros own reaction video of kids playing his game It's a fun little video and it is kind of cool to see Refenes go on the journey with the kids I like[...]
Super Meat Boy Is Hitting PS4 And Vita With A New Soundtrack
Super Meat Boy's soundtrack was a big part of the game's identity, when it came out a few years ago The work of composer Danny Baranowsky is a part of that game's DNA in a way that isn't always the case in titles. Unfortunately though, Team Meat are going to be replacing his work for the upcoming[...]