Super Meat Boy Forever will have Post-Launch DLC

Super Meat Boy Forever will have Post-Launch DLC

Super Meat Boy Forever will arrive later this year, but at PAX East 2019, we finally learned a bit about the game's upcoming DLC. Game designer Tommy Refenes spoke with DualShockers about the planned post-launch support.

From DualShockers:

Specifically, Refenes shared that "we have some plans for DLC" from developer Team Meat after the game's launch this spring, and said that the DLC would consist of "substantial" new additions for it post-launch. Refenes also added that the post-launch DLC would aim to make the game's levels "ridiculously hard," but no further details were shared on what specifically will be added to the game after release.

Refenes, however, did confirm that a feature for user-created levels is planned for Super Meat Boy Forever, though that feature would not be implemented in the game at launch. However, much like the Super Meat World level editor that was added to Super Meat Boy after its release, it seems that Super Meat Boy Forever will be getting a similar system down the line to allow players to craft their own ridiculously-challenging levels.

Honestly, having a level editor feature for Forever is arguably the best news Super Meat Boy fans could ask for.

Super Meat Boy Forever is slated to release this spring for PlayStation 4, Xbox One,  Nintendo Switch, PC, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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